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41 to 50 of 100
04 Apr 14 by mjn123x on diet Slimming World
01 Apr 14 by valerieann on diet Slimming World
05 Mar 14 by susiedee on diet Slimming World, losing 1.5 lb a week Down
17 Feb 14 by pplan on diet Slimming World, steady weight Steady
03 Feb 14 by JJlebanon on diet Slimming World
13 Jan 14 by pfcable on diet Slimming World
06 Jan 14 by tintams on diet Slimming World, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
02 Jan 14 by kaz88 on diet Slimming World, losing 0.0 lb a week Down
30 Dec 13 by pplan on diet Slimming World, losing 3.0 lb a week Down
23 Dec 13 by pplan on diet Slimming World, losing 2.0 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Great job!
11 minutes ago
Lost my main man on this site for many months. But all is well now....I have not weighed in for almost 75 days ...
12 minutes ago
Glad for you...........140 is a good weight........ I would love to weigh 140........
13 minutes ago
Happy Birthday! Celebrate all that you are :-)
14 minutes ago
OK time for a restart!!!!☺
15 minutes ago
NICE! The human body is an amazing thing! Amazing what can be done!
17 minutes ago
I hope the Pebble tracker proves to be a great tool. Here's to new and healthy habits overshadowing the old. Let's ...
21 minutes ago
<3 Most inspiring words ever, Wolf! Thank you!
28 minutes ago
That's effort, nice job!
40 minutes ago
Great Job Ellen!