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28 Jul 14 by wintersrita on diet Slim4Life
25 Jul 14 by wintersrita on diet Slim4Life
24 Jul 14 by wintersrita on diet Slim4Life
23 Jul 14 by wintersrita on diet Slim4Life
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2 minutes ago
Do you really want to eat 1200 calories a day for the rest of your life?
3 minutes ago
After any intense workout for me, I never ever feel hungry, but usually if I give it a half an hour I become a ...
4 minutes ago
I skip breakfast if I am not hungry. I won't eat just because it's on my schedule. Sometimes listening to the body ...
10 minutes ago
It's tough knowing that life will never be the same again, but those memories of them will accompany you on the ...
10 minutes ago
I will also add that for men that minimum standard is much higher - about 1800 calories. I'm sure that's an e ...
10 minutes ago
Hiya Joe, dont beat yourself up, just peeped at yr profile stuff etc and saw you have lost over thirty pounds in ...
16 minutes ago
I love your post. I am the same way about hunger and exercise. I cannot even think about food after a simple t ...
17 minutes ago
Welcome back.
18 minutes ago
I had a horrible sinus infection last week, put on some sweats and worked out...sweat it out!!! Sucked doing it, ...
19 minutes ago
Thank you, Jenny.Brett!