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01 Jun 16 by karbear45 on diet Mayo Clinic Plan
11 Oct 15 by lostwaistline on diet Mayo Clinic Plan, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
10 Feb 15 by geberhart on diet Mayo Clinic Plan, steady weight Steady
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3 minutes ago
Great pics!! Thanks for sharing.
4 minutes ago
You CAN make a difference ... We're here to help...
5 minutes ago
I did the grind, no doubt, #jimmypop
6 minutes ago
you sound just like me yesterday. I cant seem to stick strict to my diet to meet my goals lately either. I am ...
8 minutes ago
Nice work! Let's go! #stillgrindtime
14 minutes ago
I know the feeling! Good job on walking by.
22 minutes ago
Thank you so much!
31 minutes ago
Very Good and important goal. You CAN do it - we will help you!
by HCB