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11 Oct 15 by lostwaistline on diet Mayo Clinic Plan, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
10 Feb 15 by geberhart on diet Mayo Clinic Plan, steady weight Steady
19 Nov 14 by Fletchita on diet Mayo Clinic Plan, steady weight Steady
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a minute ago
You are correct big time on the storage dynamic and many need to heed what you say on that - long posts and all ...
4 minutes ago
Agreed whole heartedly, several factors combined in this order: invention of HFCS, artificial tariffs on real ...
4 minutes ago
Ha! You're too funny. :)
5 minutes ago
Double the dose? Are you dosing yourself with Lasix? You should be urinating shortly after taking it. You a ...
18 minutes ago
Hi Debrafrederick that's an awesome career! Do you get free postage? I think it's amazing that you don't get ...