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23 Oct 13 by beavill33 on diet Herbalife, losing 0.0 lb a week Down
22 Oct 13 by karoomama on diet Herbalife
18 Oct 13 by Sue Fardell on diet Herbalife
15 Oct 13 by Sue Fardell on diet Herbalife
14 Oct 13 by Sue Fardell on diet Herbalife
11 Oct 13 by Gunit4em on diet Herbalife
19 Sep 13 by janeyr on diet Herbalife, gaining 0.7 lb a week Up
16 Sep 13 by IceeyJ on diet Herbalife
15 Sep 13 by janeyr on diet Herbalife
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a minute ago
What kind/brand of treadmill do you use?
8 minutes ago
Way to go on your weight loss!
8 minutes ago
That sounds like a word to the wise. When I first read your post, I realized that I've been buying Sugar free ...
28 minutes ago
convoluted thinking.. I share that with you... being disappointed in a small loss... when we know that its not ...
about an hour ago
Yeah, don't like my colour changing from blue to green, but needed to lower my goal in order to push myself.
an hour ago
Wow... Would you please share the recipe? Thanks.
an hour ago
Thanks Deb! You are very near YOUR goal too :)Way to go!
an hour ago
ok thank you! :3
2 hours ago
I've had that much coffee this morning.
2 hours ago
Thank you for your thoughts. I was just wondering if anyone else was plaque with hunger pains all through the ...