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81 to 90 of 100
24 Nov 13 by vickicatch on diet Herbalife, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
20 Nov 13 by vickicatch on diet Herbalife
12 Nov 13 by vickicatch on diet Herbalife
08 Nov 13 by skiingblond on diet Herbalife, steady weight Steady
08 Nov 13 by vickicatch on diet Herbalife
03 Nov 13 by Lharris24 on diet Herbalife, losing 3.8 lb a week Down
24 Oct 13 by jlchambers2009 on diet Herbalife
23 Oct 13 by beavill33 on diet Herbalife, losing 0.0 lb a week Down
22 Oct 13 by karoomama on diet Herbalife
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24 minutes ago
I don't even see why one would be shy because all of us here are on the same journey. We all have the same problem ...
an hour ago
I just read an article last night, that says that your body will fight to keep on the weight, but don't give up, ...
an hour ago
We went to Aroma Cafe. FANTASTIC salads! No alcohol, but it was fine.
2 hours ago
Thanks folks, lol now the weekend!! LOL
2 hours ago
That is something to remember. Unfortunately, we never could find where the cellulitis started so there was no ...
2 hours ago
Thanks DK....Sure hopes this works for me! Good luck on your run tomorrow!