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31 Jan 14 by MOM ELAINE on diet Herbalife, gaining 2.5 lb a week Up
28 Jan 14 by skiingblond on diet Herbalife, losing 0.7 lb a week Down
26 Jan 14 by skiingblond on diet Herbalife, losing 2.6 lb a week Down
25 Jan 14 by nrmclean on diet Herbalife, losing 1.4 lb a week Down
23 Jan 14 by skiingblond on diet Herbalife
20 Jan 14 by Lharris24 on diet Herbalife
19 Jan 14 by skiingblond on diet Herbalife, losing 1.1 lb a week Down
17 Jan 14 by vickicatch on diet Herbalife, losing 1.6 lb a week Down
15 Jan 14 by Sue Fardell on diet Herbalife, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
14 Jan 14 by vickicatch on diet Herbalife
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2 minutes ago
Hard to say. Resistance builds muscle which adds weight. But 3lbs. in only three weeks, probably not. If I were ...
44 minutes ago
Shrtbaylorqt04 i very much agree with you. I have to love myself before anyone can love me. Be positive for you ...
an hour ago
Yea you! For staying strong. I remember, once, reading a story about a woman who was in the car with her family. ...
an hour ago
Don't know Tam. Hope all is well. No worries on the calories. Stress does that in high pressure situations. Other ...
2 hours ago
Reaching my plateau is such a downer for me and now I have to find away to convince myself that I must just hang ...
2 hours ago
I am headed to a super bowl party on Sunday. I am preparing my own meal and snacks, but unfortunately I am in ...
2 hours ago
Sounds pretty normal to me. You lose quickly at first but plateau because your body goes into fasting mode and ...
3 hours ago
Thank you, everyone!!
by Diea
3 hours ago
I think my main issue with not losing atleast 0.5 lbs a day, like I was, since I was losing so much, I was con ...
3 hours ago
I know you are struggling today but it sounds like you have been doing well over the last month. I also know you ...