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20 Jul 15 by sarahsupermama on diet Herbalife
16 Jul 15 by skiingblond on diet Herbalife, gaining 0.8 lb a week Up
15 Jul 15 by aidan75 on diet Herbalife, losing 0.3 lb a week Down
14 Jul 15 by krueger36 on diet Herbalife, losing 3.6 lb a week Down
09 Jul 15 by krueger36 on diet Herbalife
07 Jul 15 by mysize10 on diet Herbalife, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
06 Jul 15 by rev evans corvette on diet Herbalife, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
27 Jun 15 by mysize10 on diet Herbalife
26 Jun 15 by mysize10 on diet Herbalife
25 Jun 15 by mysize10 on diet Herbalife
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2 minutes ago
Where is that like button?
6 minutes ago
I think they've got a problem and that's market share. Apple and Android are knocking at the door in a big way ...
7 minutes ago
Love those sayings!
27 minutes ago
Thanks Glen.:) Funny you should say that!! With every workout the thrill of running even just a little but makes ...
27 minutes ago
I hope Mr. Gabby like his new digs and gets back to being as well adjusted as a parrot can. Feel better. Getting ...
44 minutes ago
@wholefoodnut, that is the best advice one can give!
an hour ago
Great stuff my friend ...... I hope this finds you "full" knowing that we walk together.
by glen
2 hours ago
I'm nobody but I agree you don't need statins. IMO there is no correlation between cholesterol level and heart ...
2 hours ago
One more thing: blood pressure. Mine is 102/70 this week, taken by the nurse at my doctor's office. And even ...
2 hours ago
Thanks for the support and joining me in my happiness! Love Ya!