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02 May 16 by caccollegechic on diet Herbalife, losing 0.5 lb a week Down
12 Apr 16 by determine1981 on diet Herbalife, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
10 Mar 16 by Dovey on diet Herbalife, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
20 Feb 16 by guerita101 on diet Herbalife, losing 2.1 lb a week Down
15 Dec 15 by Drea89 on diet Herbalife, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
14 Dec 15 by Softball Lover on diet Herbalife
02 Dec 15 by aidan75 on diet Herbalife, losing 2.1 lb a week Down
25 Nov 15 by aidan75 on diet Herbalife, losing 2.7 lb a week Down
11 Nov 15 by skiingblond on diet Herbalife, gaining 0.9 lb a week Up
11 Nov 15 by clarejenkins on diet Herbalife
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4 minutes ago
4 minutes ago
@ msbuggirl But as Debra said, sign out FS USA, sign in FS CANADA, weigh in, sign out, sign in FS USA and ever ...
5 minutes ago
Hellz to the yeah, C2B! I got nothing to hide, and love me some gal pal time!
7 minutes ago
Donuts are what did me in last fall/winter. Resisting is getting easier.
8 minutes ago
That's me..
9 minutes ago
Cool job!
by HCB
18 minutes ago
Awwww.... good luck, Debra! It's exciting to be able to do things that one hasn't been able to do in years! I'm ...
20 minutes ago
They were trying to get digitial ones and couldn't I tried some ink stuff after I got home and that didn't work ...
25 minutes ago
Yes, I'm with ya! Hey, speaking of equestrian, I am planning on getting back in the saddle this weekend, got the ...
40 minutes ago