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22 Jun 14 by LittlestKitty on diet The Dukan Diet, losing 5.0 lb a week Down
26 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
25 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
23 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
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a minute ago
What is your daily caloric intake?
5 minutes ago
Gardening, dreaming of warm days......
31 minutes ago
well hello miss kattay <3 glad ya had fun with the boys <3 and ya haven't given up ya just accepted it at a slower ...
39 minutes ago
great, congrats
an hour ago
We had the appliance store come in to adjust it and it was still crooked. Did some research and discovered that ...
an hour ago
Or perhaps the chips and salsa weren't a good idea. Remember it isn't about how many calories but the type of ...
2 hours ago
You did good. Not eating the unhealthy food was a huge accomplishment!
2 hours ago
Hello! Good to hear you have support on your team helping you along. Your weather sounds amazing...we are getting ...
2 hours ago
Happy Birthday , and just remember being that it is your birthday treat yourself within reason.... and tomorrow ...
2 hours ago
Thx was decades ago.