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22 Jun 14 by LittlestKitty on diet The Dukan Diet, losing 5.0 lb a week Down
26 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
25 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
23 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
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6 minutes ago
Good luck with it all!
17 minutes ago
Thanks for the encouragement. :) I'm working on it. I just cannot give up. If I were to give up, I'd just keep ...
36 minutes ago
I agree wholeheartedly with Petnurd. I stay in my allowance and fluctuate within 500 calories daily to keep it ...
42 minutes ago
You can change it. When I first started it said I needed 2200 calories. Now that I'm at my goal weight it says ...
about an hour ago
about an hour ago
It'll work; as it's all about staying focused, and avoiding the temptations that lie in wait every weekend, ho ...
about an hour ago
I'm only at about 700 - 1400 max calories. It doesn't get all frustruated just do your own calculations for the ...
about an hour ago
Stress gets me, too. My partner works form home, has been on the phone with the IRS, other frustrating calls, ...
about an hour ago
LOL. Thank you, you are right. It was just a shock, that's all. You lose 90 pounds and you don't expect someone ...
an hour ago
Thanks Sproe and Bethlauren. Nothing like a fall to put things in perspective. This morning I was up bright and ...