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22 Jun 14 by LittlestKitty on diet The Dukan Diet, losing 5.0 lb a week Down
26 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
25 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
23 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
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a minute ago
Way to go Diea!!!
2 minutes ago
Thank you Summer, Mike and Mars :-) Losing weight was harder for me then maintenance is since now I can eat more ...
2 minutes ago
Woot Woot!!
3 minutes ago
Nice lost .... Let's keep it going!
by glen
7 minutes ago
JMB, I almost bought the Squier Classic Vibes 50, which reviews would suggest sounds and plays just as good for ...
9 minutes ago
I agree.. i need more veggies.and less bars and shakes. I recently added a vegetarian day for dinners in hopes ...
19 minutes ago
The comments I usually get about the healthy foods I'm eating is that it's too expensive. When I have them pull ...
27 minutes ago
I weighed yesterday's deposit. It was a light day with small stops, and it weighed 42 lbs.
33 minutes ago
I weigh in every Friday morning. Any other day just does not work for me. and don't be too worried about little ...
36 minutes ago
Thanks Bren. I've never heard of cod loins, but they do sound tasty, when cooked to perfection; and broiling ...