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07 Jul 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
05 Jul 14 by LittlestKitty on diet The Dukan Diet, losing 1.2 lb a week Down
02 Jul 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet, losing 11.2 lb a week Down
01 Jul 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
30 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
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36 minutes ago
Wine yummy...good for you...positive attitude gets me far too:)
40 minutes ago
Nice way to end the week!
43 minutes ago
I first thank God for my many blessings, then I journal as evidenced by some of my whiney entries, then I go for ...
an hour ago
Thanks! You guys are awesome! I planned out my meals yesterday and I am sticking to them 100% so far.
an hour ago
Washed and hung out clothes so got some D's along with a little exercise but a good kick ass walk and workout is ...
an hour ago
OH and my favorite.. poratabella stack... i make mine like a pizza and call it mushroom pizza, very good
an hour ago
Salmon and cream cheese. Maybe on celery. Think dinner for breakfast. Chicken and tomatoes with avocado. Meat, ...
an hour ago
I usually come here and journal. Get it all out, then enjoy the feedback from you all.
an hour ago
HCB, I have been working on that, yes.
an hour ago
I eat a lot of fruit and oatmeal. Turkey sausage with potatoes O'Brien (onions and peppers). Jimmy Dean makes a ...