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02 Jul 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet, losing 11.2 lb a week Down
01 Jul 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
30 Jun 14 by evomom on diet The Dukan Diet
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3 minutes ago
143 that is awesome!!!!!!-Congrats!!!!!!
4 minutes ago
That run was fantastic! Way to go!
17 minutes ago
I know, right? It feels so good to be able to stand for a long time without your feet hurting, to get up out of ...
about an hour ago
Oh cool - I saw an ad for the spiral device sold at BB&B and wondered if it was any good. I think I might just ...
about an hour ago
Stand up and take a bow. Doesn't it feel good to see your toes again? :) Congratulations on a splendid job.
about an hour ago
How awesome! Congratulations!
about an hour ago
Wow! You continue to be an inspiration!
about an hour ago
Great progress!
about an hour ago
I know how you feel, Gigi. We just began a 28 Day Challenge, at my church, and will be having weekly gatherings ...
about an hour ago
Nice job! Be proud of yourself! :)