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22 May 14 by raluca1987 on diet The Dukan Diet, gaining 6.9 lb a week Up
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7 minutes ago
you are doing beautifully i hope I am as consistent
9 minutes ago
Yes, indeed on the stress impeding weight loss. But also for not working out you are doing quite well. Those ...
13 minutes ago
Thank you! I will check it out!
13 minutes ago
An oldie but a goodie!
14 minutes ago
Keep going. We can do this.
17 minutes ago
Thanks everyone! :)
21 minutes ago
You can do it Rosalee ... <3
28 minutes ago
Oooh I needed to hear this. Definitely feel like I've wasted 4 years of my life since I've been out of school - ...
28 minutes ago
Hahahaha....thanks for the laugh!
31 minutes ago
"What day is it?" asked Pooh. "It is Today," squeaked Piglet. "My Favorite day." said Pooh.