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14 Jun 15 by finaver on diet The Dukan Diet, gaining 0.7 lb a week Up
13 Jun 15 by dearladydi on diet The Dukan Diet, gaining 2.3 lb a week Up
27 May 15 by dearladydi on diet The Dukan Diet
21 Jan 15 by Amrezz on diet The Dukan Diet
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Recent Comments

2 minutes ago
You are not alone my friend :) I'm slacking off this week as well :)
6 minutes ago
Every now and then I will do the same, makes no difference to weight.
23 minutes ago
Happy Valantines day, you still got to live and every once in a whike celebrate with love ones...only a problem ...
44 minutes ago
Yay! A pound is a pound is a pound! Third time's the charm.
about an hour ago
we all do the best we can do so that doesn't make it any different just remember that when you post something ...
about an hour ago
Your almost there and your so dissaplained, congratulations.
about an hour ago
Wow ... you are dropping like a rock .... careful that you don't take it off too quickly (I can't believe I just ...
by glen
an hour ago
happy valentine anyway, there is no celebrating with lettuce and rice gofrets :-)
an hour ago
Nice drop!
an hour ago
bwhahahaha... thanks guys.. wuv you all for your support..