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18 Dec 14 by Pawsome on diet Low Carb Diet Plan
17 Dec 14 by Absynthia on diet Low Carb Diet Plan, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
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6 minutes ago
Hope you're feeling better. Being sick is a hard way to diet. However, the outcome is good if you're losing.
17 minutes ago
Thank you so much for your prayers, Kattay, Char60 & Deb_N. It means a lot to me. I could not believe what she ...
25 minutes ago
Don't be so hard on yourself. Your photo shows a gorgeous young woman with a magical smile. I bet you are an a ...
26 minutes ago
Let God be your STRENGTH through the holiday season. Weight loss will become easier!
34 minutes ago
Not exactly sure what U R referring to..but...NO One fails to do ANYTHING right... and regardless of how worthy ...
an hour ago
Congratulations. My daughter has PCOS and has had 2 successful pregnancies. Hope things go perfectly for you.
an hour ago
Not cannibalism. He's a duck. It's like us eating pigs or cows. No yuckiness lol.
an hour ago
an hour ago
You only ate a few pieces ..... I'm impressed. I love the smells and sounds of your Christmas celebration!
by glen
2 hours ago
Good Luck! I've had my share of temptations. I am so hungry much of the time now. Again, it is that time of ...