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24 Jul 14 by addierod4 on diet Low Carb Diet Plan, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
11 Jul 14 by Absynthia on diet Low Carb Diet Plan, losing 9.8 lb a week Down
06 Jul 14 by Absynthia on diet Low Carb Diet Plan, gaining 1.2 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Sounds awesome, can't wait to try it. Printing it out now.
a minute ago
Great stuff, Chris. You and I are right at about the same place in waist size and fat lbs. (and a love of Just ...
3 minutes ago
Please don't use the term "can't keep it up" to a man my age... LOL!!!! The hula hoop will happen as your wai ...
8 minutes ago
I want to see your new glasses!!!!
11 minutes ago
I've been eyeballing one of like?
16 minutes ago
OMG, so funny. Keep 'em coming!
16 minutes ago
wholefoodnut, the equivalent of the curb here is the alley.
18 minutes ago
I use runkeeper, too - love it
18 minutes ago
@Aenagl I have noticed that I don't get quite as ravenously hungry as I used to when I first started cutting back.
21 minutes ago
PS- cant stop singing the HUMMMMMP DAAAYYYYY song lol thanks haha