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23 Apr 14 by pioneermom on diet Low Carb Diet Plan, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
16 Apr 14 by rockytu on diet Low Carb Diet Plan
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5 minutes ago
You sure it's a muscle? I've had kidney stones that started out feeling like a sore back muscle.
7 minutes ago
Way to go!
24 minutes ago
It happens. I blamed the Easter bunny for leaving all the jelly beans and peeps around the house. You'll do b ...
28 minutes ago
Salt and indigestion are our #1 and '#2' enemies! :D
29 minutes ago
When I was a kid, my mother took EVERY. SINGLE. THING. OUT. OF. MY. BEDROOM except for the bed & I had to earn ...
33 minutes ago
Listen to everything, try everything, decide for yourself. It's golden.
34 minutes ago
my boyfriend is a pasta and meat eater!! I have a hard time, I've gotten into the habit of cooking him a separate ...
35 minutes ago
instead of not doing any exercise at all, perhaps you could do some stretching, maybe even some yoga poses that ...
37 minutes ago
The blessed high carb day, congrats!
39 minutes ago
That is really intesteresting and probably would suit my daily work schedule really well. I did for a while Mi ...