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31 Jan 14 by Beleavenme on diet P90X - Nutrition Plan, losing 1.5 lb a week Down
05 Dec 13 by kc71 on diet P90X - Nutrition Plan, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
04 Oct 13 by Beleavenme on diet P90X - Nutrition Plan, losing 6.4 lb a week Down
15 Sep 13 by LornaLoo06 on diet P90X - Nutrition Plan, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Thnx guys!! Isnt it crzy dat I couldnt do e 500cal on hcg but I cld do it whn I wsnt on it?? Just a tot! lol A ...
a minute ago
Keep doing what you are doing and the weight will keep coming off!
a minute ago
2 minutes ago
Good idea!
3 minutes ago
Your body needs a lot more than 500 calories a day.
6 minutes ago
Have a good time with your dad :) and good for you opting for the healthier option!!
7 minutes ago
But you didn't have to eat it. "That looks great, but I had better not eat it. I want to look as good as I can ...
11 minutes ago
I came close to getting a pint of Haagen-Dazs sea salt caramel gelato yesterday. Read the nutrition label, 270 ...
12 minutes ago
Good morning from Seattle! I can understand what you mean about getting up late, but look at it this way... More ...
13 minutes ago
Thanks, Deb and Isabel!