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10 minutes ago
Thanks! I'm feeling really good!
12 minutes ago
We are doing 3 this year, 4th, 2nd, and kindergarten. 5 would be a challenge for sure! I'm hoping for more i ...
24 minutes ago
@TimeToBeTrim, as you can see I gained it back, but eating what is there not avoiding anything food group. A ...
34 minutes ago
Nice drop!
by HCB
34 minutes ago
I love a glass of wine, but the other day I tried to drink a glass of chardonnay and found it too sweet! I co ...
37 minutes ago
I think I just read something about tequila and losing weight. I don't drink much so just kind of glanced at a ...
by Rckc
about an hour ago
that sounds wonderful for a little cocktail in the evening and I know I could have it in moderation! I use to ...
an hour ago
Also, there is sufficient vegetation for Inuits, berries etc. The list is also on Wikipedia.
an hour ago
Another thing to remember is that you will almost always weigh more at the doctor's office that at home because ...
an hour ago
@JMA, I usually opt for dark (unspiced) rum with Diet Coke with Lime. In the hotter weather, though, I'm finding ...