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a minute ago
Good Luck on your challenge. Just think in a year squirt will be running around chasing the tow truck while l ...
6 minutes ago
Nice loss!
6 minutes ago
Concur with Rockiesfan... get rid of them! Keeping those old clothes is like keeping pictures and letters from ...
9 minutes ago
As far as squats for strengthing your knees they wont but they will stregthen your thighs or quads and calfs which ...
11 minutes ago
That’s good news Brant, I guess, if getting old can be good news! I'm right there with ya. LOL My doc told me ...
27 minutes ago
YOUR DOING FAB girl, go to it, wish I could follow your example,
29 minutes ago
How is your wife doing now? Is she out of the hospital?
about an hour ago
Doc was great. My problems are normal arthritic/degenerative type stuff with nothing to worry about. Though the ...