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41 minutes ago
You can do it!!! I'm starting on the third when I get paid! We can do it together!
an hour ago
I've decided to weigh myself everyday as well for now. My hope is that I will not get emotional about it rather ...
2 hours ago
My vacation is over and I head back to work tomorrow so maybe that will help. I hate to say that, but with the ...
2 hours ago
that should say vertebrae (vests? spell check darn it)
2 hours ago
Hope you have a blast in Florida! Don't sweat the food choices, you will do great!
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
Have you looked on I breathe i'm hungry website? she has a version of the egg fast that is a little more relaxed ...
by Rckc
3 hours ago
thank you.
3 hours ago
Yes, Snow is right, it is a rollercoaster!
by HCB
4 hours ago
Just hang in there buddy!
by glen