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a minute ago
I don't think I've ever woken up and jumped out of bed feeling refreshed. It takes me an hour a couple cups of ...
7 minutes ago
Or yogurt or hummus. :)
21 minutes ago
That is great
26 minutes ago
It is like I am afraid I will sleep through the alarm.
about an hour ago
downloading it now---thanks--will let u know what i think!
an hour ago
Add some coconut oil to your coffee or tea and your appetite will disappear.
an hour ago
Thanks Annie and Heather and mbuggirl.
an hour ago
Thanks, JWS. Great advice. I'm doing all those things, or will resume doing them once I finish 'party month.' I've ...
an hour ago
Your reaction makes sense and I don't think you need to reconsider your passion for animal advocacy in general ...