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24 minutes ago
My knees have never bothered me. I've been fortunate that way. The thing I notice is that my feet hurt around the ...
28 minutes ago
I have used it in my banana oatmeal, spread it on bananas and apples.
about an hour ago
There's an app called "Food Tripping". But your best bet is to do some googling and find the one's that fit your ...
about an hour ago
Thanks! It's a real motivator. i came home from a picnic last night, saw that I didn't have all my steps in, ...
an hour ago
Having your kitchen totally gone though is a big issue!!! I'd hate that and want a fairly firm end date.
an hour ago
How's your knees?
an hour ago
I need ran Tues Wed Thurs so my contractor will work. He only does inside jobs on rainy days. I am patience but ...
an hour ago
This one will be a success! When you're under stress it sometimes seems everything is out of control, but this ...