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a minute ago
@jimmiepop, the link is cut. Could you possibly pm it to me? I AM! I had gotten really into it a year or two ago, ...
a minute ago
Congratulations! That's one of those especially gratifying milestones - and you did it!
2 minutes ago
Very good!
3 minutes ago
Woot woot woot! Doing the happy dance for you. I thought I'd be there a year ago, but things fell apart and now ...
4 minutes ago
Ewww, yes, that's how I see eggs every dang time. lol
13 minutes ago
Hey Phil, check out the third photo! lol Hey thanks everyone.
21 minutes ago
Well I'm keeping my calorie level low, although yesterday I treated myself to ice cream for dinner lol. I dont ...
23 minutes ago
28 minutes ago
@CL Heard, girl.
29 minutes ago
I would contact Dr. John McDougall in California or Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn who is Bill Clinton's doctor. Both can ...