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3 minutes ago
Sounds so horrible! Glad you are doing better. Hugs
9 minutes ago
Take 3 steps pick for 10 minutes
38 minutes ago
feel better..
about an hour ago
You're making progress, slow but steady. You've come a long way, and you'll finish this, I know you will.
an hour ago
Congrats Chesgren!! Keep up the good work!
an hour ago
an hour ago
Some seasons just take all you've got. Glad to hear that you took care of yourself through all that!
an hour ago
maybe some soothing music might help.try to find your zen
an hour ago
So true! You are right not to feel bad. You had to take care of yourself.
an hour ago
It's tough staying on plan when others are indulging around you. The fact that you have makes you a hero in my ...