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13 Apr 14 by Carmenjames on diet Paleo diet
09 Apr 14 by Carmenjames on diet Paleo diet
07 Apr 14 by yolande1937 on diet Paleo diet, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
07 Apr 14 by bobsoldlady on diet Paleo diet
01 Apr 14 by Bsr1003 on diet Paleo diet, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
11 Mar 14 by dominique181 on diet Paleo diet
11 Mar 14 by Tina Dee on diet Paleo diet
10 Mar 14 by yolande1937 on diet Paleo diet, steady weight Steady
27 Feb 14 by roo_lane on diet Paleo diet
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27 minutes ago
If you have an underlying medical condition, I agree you should see a doctor. When I REALLY should have seen my ...
44 minutes ago
Happy Birthday, Karen! I hope it was great and that you are full of promise for a spectacular year :D
by LuC2
about an hour ago
Hang in there. I can empathize since I am healing a back ache for the past several days. Congrats on the wei ...
an hour ago
I have a low carb protein powder that I will switch to , I use low carb, calorie almond milk or coconut milk when ...
an hour ago
LOL... My pug has been with us for 7 years, but she hasn't been allowed upstairs until now... so we are going ...
an hour ago
Be excited! He's listening to you and knows you have goals. I'd only be upset if this were a birthday or Val ...
an hour ago
"their" own obstacles...
an hour ago
Stress will most certainly cause you to hold water.... ugh! Hope your shoulder gets better quickly.
an hour ago
Thanks for the support!
an hour ago
This is where buddy reminds you to remember how much you loved that new dog??? It is a stage that you will get ...