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02 Dec 12 by it_guy_nb on diet Bill Phillip's Body For Life, gaining 1.4 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Thank you for the links, Christy. The youtube link was cut off. What is the part that comes after user/ch ?
5 minutes ago
Sounds Delicious Young Lady!!
34 minutes ago
Just got through reading your last couple of journal entries and once again I was left grinning from ear to ear! ...
39 minutes ago
Thanks, mrsmole and pwrestlephoto! Lets see how the weekend goes!
about an hour ago
Thanks everyone! Your support is very much appreciated.
an hour ago
Nice weight loss.. this is not a fluke.. it is amazing how much you can lose by not eating crap... exchanging "bad ...
an hour ago
I ignore the scale on bad days and just keep looking at the tape measure. You have a wonderful attitude. Keep ...
an hour ago
2 hours ago
I believe everything you do sets you up for the next thing that's coming down the road. I've always felt that.
2 hours ago
I saw this and it hit home as someone on this site said the very same thing to me...