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07 Dec 12 by it_guy_nb on diet Bill Phillip's Body For Life, losing 5.0 lb a week Down
02 Dec 12 by it_guy_nb on diet Bill Phillip's Body For Life, gaining 1.4 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Sorry, I put that on the wrong thread :(
about an hour ago
Thanks, Lambie. That's the general idea. I'm going to be changing after all.
an hour ago
Thanks Ann, but for me it is more than a trip. We travel 7 days a week for work. Harley, my fiancé is a senior ...
an hour ago
Wow. Excellent idea.
an hour ago
As for breakfast, leftovers from the previous night would work for me. I like halving my dinner at the beginning ...
an hour ago
Depends on where you are staying but a lot of hotels have oatmeal, so you could take your add ins and still be ...
an hour ago
Yea but u gained what I lost back:( I feel so hopeless. I wish I could find a recipe I like that I can make in ...
an hour ago
I'm not sure where you are going but most other cultures eat better than we do in the U.S. Ancient grains like ...
2 hours ago
Why can't you eat oatmeal at restaurants? I do it all the time.
2 hours ago
Keeping up with 9 grandchildren certainly counts as exercise! You have been so busy and looks like there is more ...