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81 to 90 of 100
25 Nov 12 by it_guy_nb on diet Bill Phillip's Body For Life, losing 1.2 lb a week Down
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2 minutes ago
Wow!! Congrats
6 minutes ago
8 minutes ago
Stay well euheide. Everyone here supports you. We will keep you in our prayers.
9 minutes ago
You look fantastic!!!!
11 minutes ago
27 minutes ago
Hello, Just want to say congratulation. Keep up the good but hard work. LoreJae
35 minutes ago
I am super exited! All I know is, 1 when I don't obsess over it and 2 I don't do too much exercise, I seem to be ...
44 minutes ago
The only thing I'd like to wade in here and offer is .. next time you go for the fast food crap .. as yourself ...
about an hour ago
Yes! I hope you are feeling better too! Your weekend sounds like it will be a lot of fun! I on the other hand, ...
about an hour ago
Thanks Tulipgirl! :) , ok over and out lol