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30 Dec 12 by it_guy_nb on diet Bill Phillip's Body For Life, gaining 3.6 lb a week Up
23 Dec 12 by it_guy_nb on diet Bill Phillip's Body For Life, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
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19 minutes ago
Exercise and Yoga are great stress relievers. Go for a walk. GO-YA!
24 minutes ago
That is hard when you work so hard to lose weight and people don't notice. I know how you feel. I get so excited ...
31 minutes ago
Suzi161, I ordered the book but it won't be available for Kindle until April. It sounds interesting. Thank you.
an hour ago
It's hard having snacks around for the kids and NOT eating them. My kids love Cheeze-its....and so do I. It ...
an hour ago
Great job!
an hour ago
Stepped on the scale again today and again 246. What is up with this? I guess I have to be more patient.
an hour ago
Yes. I believe Belgians are actually bred in two different lines. If the black ones are as smart and loving as ...
2 hours ago
Happy Birthday!!
2 hours ago
Get well soon Tika! BTW you look beautiful!
2 hours ago
JESSICAKNIGHT Its such torture. The fruit snacks are one that takes every ounce of willpower i have. LOL!