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23 Dec 12 by it_guy_nb on diet Bill Phillip's Body For Life, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
16 Dec 12 by it_guy_nb on diet Bill Phillip's Body For Life, gaining 1.6 lb a week Up
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2 minutes ago
I am sorry for your loss. It makes me sad that she had breast cancer. It sounds like you were there for her. My ...
11 minutes ago
My darkest is about 72% Cacao. But 0.5 usually does me plenty to savor!
by LuC2
25 minutes ago
Thank you very much!
31 minutes ago
Sorry I couldn't tonight Georgia I had a free Zumba class after my weight management class tonight. But if you're ...
36 minutes ago
Plant is shallow, not much dirt on top. Keep it moist until it starts coming up
37 minutes ago
Oh my god, I hear you on this! I've recently discovered Snackwell's Devil's Food Cookie. It's 50 Cal per cookie, ...
42 minutes ago
Nothing wrong with a little chocolate... next time go with the darkest you can stand to eat... 85/86% is a good ...
about an hour ago
wow... i am still on day 8 because i don't do during weekend and public holidays... but the leg lifts was real ...
an hour ago
Praying ya feel better sooner then latter <3
an hour ago
When is the best time of day to check your weight??