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2 minutes ago
You might want to try and focus on fat loss and not just weight loss. Fat loss makes you leaner and smaller in ...
3 minutes ago
Good on yea, you are inspiring me ! looking forward to being at your current weight, hope I have your determin ...
4 minutes ago
Snap BuffyBear. We Buffys like to do this together. Have a great weekend :)
8 minutes ago
Because you look good in that picture off course.
15 minutes ago
Thanks Snezica, I can understand that about beards and mustaches no worries, Why would I get many buddy requests?
16 minutes ago
They don't list weights on licenses in my state, but if I recall correctly, my goal weight is what I told them ...
18 minutes ago
You can fast for 48 hours without a negative impact on your metabolism. Enjoy your victory :-)
19 minutes ago
You have a great weekend too, Sherrie.
24 minutes ago
Absolutely !!!!
25 minutes ago
Sometimes drinking a protein shake before an event makes all the difference!