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05 Aug 15 by handcuffs1982 on diet Rice Diet Solution, steady weight Steady
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25 minutes ago
erikahollister -- unfortunately, I am allergic to stevia! Can you believe it? I tried using it for my hot cocoa ...
31 minutes ago
You go Sister!
an hour ago
Love the pics. Enjoy San Diego I really enjoy it when we go. By the way do you have any suggestions on what to ...
an hour ago
If it wasn't steaming... I'd may have mistaken it for chocolate... good thing I didn't...
an hour ago
Analyzing never hurts ! ;)
an hour ago
Holy cow soonsoon i love that generalization you made about obese meaning sloth, gluttony, and inactivity surr ...
an hour ago
WOW! This is phenomenal. You are inspirational to me! I started my journey at about 265 and my goal is 177. ...
2 hours ago
Gracias chicos!! Estoy super contenta!! Ahora me tengo que organizar con los horarios, comidas y mis pequeños!!
2 hours ago
I have just been making sure my exercise output is greater than my input of food.
2 hours ago
Palm Springs is nice this time of the year. The blazing heat of the summer is coming to an end, so the cool b ...