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a minute ago
It REALLY is all in perspective...
by Rckc
2 minutes ago
Awwwww...bummer, I am sorry. We know that 80% of it is food, so focus and relax.
by HCB
3 minutes ago
I don't drink alcohol, I quit smoking after almost 25 years cold turkey, but eating healthy consistently has been ...
4 minutes ago
heck, I'm freaking out now, lol!!!!
5 minutes ago
@Mthalmann A cheat day in the stage I'm in will only setback my progress. Maybe in another six months I'll con ...
5 minutes ago
I tried the Belly fat burn soup plan that was on Womens world front page recently - stay away - extremely expe ...
5 minutes ago
i freak out all the time.. its good to get it out LOL
6 minutes ago
I know! I think a lot of it is water.
7 minutes ago
4 pounds from 2 crackers?
8 minutes ago
YOu are welcome. We are community... it is what we do support and try to help.