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10 minutes ago
Cowboy, you crack me up!!
13 minutes ago
Way to go!!
16 minutes ago
PokeyJack thank you very much for your support. 1.6 Kg is very difficult task really. More difficult than losing ...
29 minutes ago
You made it through the hard part: congratulations!
about an hour ago
Thanks, WARRENWINTER! Fair warning: they're pretty gritty, but I see you're a former football player, so a little ...
about an hour ago
Great drop. Stay focused. You got this!
about an hour ago
I don't suppose anyone knows where to find out how to interpret My Diet Calendar? Not sure if I've eaten too much ...
about an hour ago
Kick a$$, Rose! We're with you.
an hour ago
I love the pics you posted today of all of the pups. I shared them with my kids and we oohed and awed over them. ...
2 hours ago
Welcome back! I will read your books, thanks!