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2 minutes ago
Thanks Jimmie, Erica, HCB!!! :)
4 minutes ago
I agree with the above comments, but sometimes it is "politically correct" to go with the flow, especially if the ...
15 minutes ago
16 minutes ago
Hi! I never really comment on here - but you came at the top of my feed. I'm also a convert Muslim, when I started ...
by Pha
22 minutes ago
25 minutes ago
I wish there were Halaal stores around me. There is only really one in the whole city (san diego) and it's hard ...
28 minutes ago
^^PhillySue. Regardless of the dietstyle, the bread has the least food value and losing it will - at the very ...
29 minutes ago
That's awesome :-)
33 minutes ago
Awesome to hear that you are no longer pre-diabetic. Diabetes is the disease that I fear most. Most of my di ...
34 minutes ago
Pain is the body's signal to change something - maybe get a second opinion about your weight regime? Sore muscles ...
by HCB