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16 Oct 10 by sweetthing on diet Rice Diet Solution, steady weight Steady
02 Oct 10 by sweetthing on diet Rice Diet Solution, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
30 Aug 10 by Lirije on diet Rice Diet Solution
30 Aug 10 by fit2010 on diet Rice Diet Solution
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5 minutes ago
You broke 175. I'm so glad to see the steady downward graph. Keep up the good work 169 is only a few days away.
13 minutes ago
I'm tired just thinking about this plan! :-/ I hope and pray you can pull it off AND try to have some FUN! :)
13 minutes ago
Thanks for supporting my journal! Good luck on the quest for good and healthy snacks I'm not very imaginative I ...
25 minutes ago
уменьшите углеводы и САМОЕ главное- не сдавайтесь!!!
an hour ago
Glad to hear your mom is on the mend. Good luck with not eating sugar! I know in times of stress old habits can ...
an hour ago
Yes, I have Paul McKenna's book, too. I watched his tv series I Can Make You Thin. He's really motivational. I ...
2 hours ago
I'm jealous of your weight loss! It's a steady flow down. It's amazing. Keep on a truckin'!