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21 to 30 of 100
12 Apr 14 by jamjo675 on diet Fat Smash Diet
04 Apr 14 by drmariopary on diet Fat Smash Diet
28 Mar 14 by Mohamed Fawaz on diet Fat Smash Diet, losing 5.9 lb a week Down
24 Mar 14 by durba005 on diet Fat Smash Diet, gaining 1.3 lb a week Up
25 Mar 14 by Tkpower on diet Fat Smash Diet
10 Mar 14 by bjnash on diet Fat Smash Diet, losing 2.0 lb a week Down
27 Jan 14 by Edcon on diet Fat Smash Diet, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
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12 minutes ago
Trying to the weight can be very discouraging, and we do not lose weight as easily as we get older. Keep up the ...
15 minutes ago
Great run, I used to enjoy when I went to South Carolina to run from colorado I loved to run in the heat and ...
16 minutes ago
Yep they are practicing on us
18 minutes ago
Congradulations on the wedding! Good luck on your goal.
24 minutes ago
Very nice! I love before/during/after photos, and you're pretty at every size. I hope maintenance will be su ...
36 minutes ago
Yeah, Bella, Dad & I never had such a convo... Ever before
38 minutes ago
Good job on the weight loss!
43 minutes ago
Tom Petty rocks.
about an hour ago
I didn't know that about caffeine. How interesting. Why didn't you tell em that an hour ago? I've just had a large ...
about an hour ago
Yes, there are certain types of food that trigger a sort of addictive reaction. There have been a lot of studies ...