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16 Aug 15 by Chynah on diet Fat Smash Diet
24 Jul 15 by ikepono payne on diet Fat Smash Diet, losing 8.4 lb a week Down
02 Jul 15 by vtlady1286 on diet Fat Smash Diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
28 Jun 15 by Mary Eberhart on diet Fat Smash Diet, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
13 May 15 by Peppie Pop on diet Fat Smash Diet
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5 minutes ago
This is great! One thing, you either have to decide to lose fat or gain strength. It's hard to do both. You'll ...
40 minutes ago
Thanks Gwen. I may not post as often as I use to, but I will try to post at least once a week, just to stay c ...
about an hour ago
Sounds like an awesome experience!
an hour ago
@Heidi, ya know, I had just thought about that too but I love the skin soooo much it would be absolutely dreadful ...
an hour ago
Thx! Hope to increase my running speed in the future.
an hour ago
Congrats on losing the way you are! How great is it to stay within your limits and still lose!!
an hour ago
Hang in there life can be tuff sometimes.
2 hours ago
How cool that you are learning weaving. Do you have a loom? Something I've always wanted to try.
2 hours ago
That's so frustrating. I have been there so many times. Just try to keep up the good habits.
2 hours ago
Great job HK. I have a bit more still to lose than you but I am down to the last 2kgs to get off. I broke through ...