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05 Jun 13 by Cthulhu on diet Mediterranean Diet, steady weight Steady
17 Jun 13 by satinap on diet Mediterranean Diet
03 Jun 13 by Cthulhu on diet Mediterranean Diet
01 Jun 13 by figsandolives on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
01 Jun 13 by Katgood13 on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 2.6 lb a week Down
28 May 13 by Cthulhu on diet Mediterranean Diet
28 May 13 by Irish Vortex on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 1.4 lb a week Up
25 May 13 by Cthulhu on diet Mediterranean Diet
24 May 13 by Bardess on diet Mediterranean Diet
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a minute ago
Great job!
a minute ago
Thank you Blue! I am soo happy when I am bike riding outdoors. I feel happy and free! :)
a minute ago
take this time to focus and work on you.. don't pig out and get sidetracked. being w/o a job is not excuse to keep ...
14 minutes ago
You could also look into a carb-free intra-workout BCAA drink if you are OK with supplimentation, I drink 1 scoop ...
15 minutes ago
I don't log on the weekends either. More of an internet availability thing than a 'cheat day' thing. Like you, ...
18 minutes ago
Awesome! And, good to hear your mom can go back home next week. Enjoy your day, you've earned it!
23 minutes ago
I go to Curve's 6 days a week and today I am going to do the Zumba class there.
24 minutes ago
Dont get discouraged and over indulge. Success isnt about not getting off track. It is measured by how quickly ...
36 minutes ago
Get well soon Euheie! surely rest will be a good help for a speedy recovery. Health is first, so don't worry much ...
37 minutes ago
I started out really well. I think that in the first few days, maybe a week I lost a lot of water weight now I ...