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a minute ago
Stop living with a reward system. It makes you dependent on the reward. It makes taking on step backward a loop ...
a minute ago
Ok suggestion.,..join a support group..get on a food plan that eliminates your binge foods of choice..for me its ...
6 minutes ago
Like that. Have a terrific day, enjoy your putting up fruits and veggies. I used to think about how good they ...
9 minutes ago
Snezica you are right in that. Good news??? is that I ate them so they're not around now! Just can't let my head ...
13 minutes ago
I am glad the stash is gone. You should have gotten rid of them long ago because they were always in there wa ...
13 minutes ago
I hope your daughter's ear infection clears up quickly, those are no fun. At least you can look at what your ...
25 minutes ago
We've all been there. As a matter of fact, I feel like I'm off the wagon right now. I haven't really been eating ...
29 minutes ago
I meant to say dusting yourself off :)
30 minutes ago
I guess the gain gave me way more motivation than I thought, haha