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81 to 90 of 100
06 Dec 13 by bugzbetty on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
05 Dec 13 by gran57 on diet Mediterranean Diet
03 Dec 13 by greenangle on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
22 Nov 13 by clorrie on diet Mediterranean Diet, steady weight Steady
22 Nov 13 by clorrie on diet Mediterranean Diet
19 Nov 13 by clorrie on diet Mediterranean Diet
18 Nov 13 by SeemaR on diet Mediterranean Diet
17 Nov 13 by Cthulhu on diet Mediterranean Diet
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24 minutes ago
Thanks DK....Sure hopes this works for me! Good luck on your run tomorrow!
about an hour ago
Wonderful breakthrough. You want to surround yourself by people who inspire and support you so that you can do ...
an hour ago
an hour ago
You will probably drop 10 pounds just from moving!!!!
an hour ago
Making appreciation quilts for firefighters and crews. Too much sewing!! means too much sitting and not enough ...
an hour ago
Prayer sent for Sarah. Such a young person to have to go through so much. God be with her and her family. Good ...
an hour ago
i still have the Carb. problem , some times it triples the Fat and protein, i cannot stay away from wheat and ...
an hour ago
Thanks to Vickie, and Buffy - great idea on the private foods and meals - didn't think of that!
2 hours ago
i swear when i eat avocados i lose weight! they are the good kind of fat!!!
2 hours ago
Thank you, everyone! You give me inspiration, too! We are in this together. :)