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07 Jan 16 by ptgrand on diet Mediterranean Diet
04 Jan 16 by ptgrand on diet Mediterranean Diet
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2 minutes ago
Ollie, I gave you over a dozen links on studies demonstrating the need for essential amino acids. You told eve ...
4 minutes ago
So, here's what's happening, among other things... you guys are telling me to eat this essential amino acids, or ...
4 minutes ago
WHY would any review board approve a modern study where the experiment is to deny a human amino acids? It makes ...
by HCB
20 minutes ago
Gotta have a hook to sell a book. Looks like snake oil to me.
23 minutes ago
I like that perspective. Energy is energy. :)
29 minutes ago
Geez I with I could feel this way lol
31 minutes ago
Thanks cathyfield, mskestrela and Suzi161, for your helpful tips. I know the cookies were bad food but was not ...
41 minutes ago
Thanks everyone for your support, you all keep me believing.