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20 Mar 14 by azmarge on diet Mediterranean Diet
17 Mar 14 by Mark_Zoo on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 1.4 lb a week Down
17 Mar 14 by RJDN on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 0.7 lb a week Down
12 Mar 14 by RJDN on diet Mediterranean Diet
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3 minutes ago
6 minutes ago
In addition to what everyone else is saying, you should try workout DVD's or online workouts that focus on wei ...
8 minutes ago
Thanks guys!! I agree snezica, I think I'm going to stick to 1800 for a while. My BMR to maintain this weight is ...
17 minutes ago
Love the name of your diet....The Less Crappy Diet. I think that's what I've been on and didn't even know it. ...
20 minutes ago
Methodists are famous for their pot luck dinners. There are so many good cooks in our church, you'd have to be ...
25 minutes ago
I just saw an infomercial on the 21 day fix at 5am this morning. I was thinking of trying it as well.
30 minutes ago
You write well, YES dress for work should be to be comfortable without being over casual and not cause affront ...
32 minutes ago
@genae bene....Will do :)
33 minutes ago
Second time on your journal today. I made a comment that I would not have been able to resist the raspberry pie ...
37 minutes ago
You are so smart for considering your head space early on. You are also doing very well and I am proud of you. ...