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17 Dec 14 by drjp on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 6.2 lb a week Down
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32 minutes ago
I got on the scale the morning after the Super Bowl this year and I was appalled at the number I saw there. I ...
44 minutes ago
I will be on slightly different track. Macro nutrients as follows based on my lean body mass of ~150lbs. o P ...
about an hour ago
"weigh" to go!!!
by Rckc
an hour ago
Tired and sleepy was the word at work today. Morning storms, cloudy all day. Everyone just wanted to go back to ...
an hour ago
Good luck to you, too! Thank you.
an hour ago
Go for it redgirl1974. New goal? Since it's Thursday and I have 4 days before Monday, I may be able to hit 206.
an hour ago
My ah-ha moment was seeing my youngest sister after one yr not seeing her and she lost over 80 lbs. five yrs ago ...
an hour ago
Could it be that chocolate chips and peanut butter don't taste like celery and a slice of apple???? Tell you what ...
an hour ago
I too have some ugly pictures that I keep as inspiration. My ah-ha moment was in 2012. The girls at work have ...