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27 Oct 14 by tempest_spirit on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 1.4 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Congrats on the loss! One pound leads to the next, so on and so forth :) It is generally recommended to lose ...
2 minutes ago
#2 is Brad and he wrecked taking Joey out. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Stupid rain.
7 minutes ago
I'd try it. I drink ACV in water daily... just a tablespoon in 8 oz :)
26 minutes ago
Don't over do it if you decide to try. I know a nurse who got ulcers thinking more would be better. Olive oil and ...
28 minutes ago
Thank you syndi55 for your words of encouragement, I needed that. It's good our daughter is off work & will take ...
38 minutes ago
Tried to drink apple cider vinegar a few years ago and just could not do it. Will stick with present plan, ho ...
44 minutes ago
Donuts are my cross to bear. Big fluffy honey glazed goodness.. They do the same thing to me. But as far as vices ...
about an hour ago
Tried drinking apple cider vinegar a few years ago, threw it up.. Not nice on this body.
about an hour ago
Nice weight loss! :) An apple a day will also help lower your cholesterol, as well as berries, bell peppers, b ...
an hour ago
after 12 lbs..I quit losing on the keto plan..@ below 15 carbs..I felt much better doing that program though..on ...