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09 Feb 15 by BeGracious on diet Mediterranean Diet, steady weight Steady
08 Feb 15 by swoodsong on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 3.0 lb a week Down
07 Feb 15 by Robin11034 on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 1.1 lb a week Down
05 Feb 15 by roseyhillgirl on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 2.6 lb a week Down
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6 minutes ago
Same - RECORD EVERYTHING - Keeps ya honest.. A lot of us wouldn't of done all of the petty things that we did when ...
15 minutes ago
Although I TOTALLY agree with you regarding exercise reading the facts I am so dismayed. I ran almost 18 miles ...
16 minutes ago
Ditto .... What has been said above .... It's not easy for anyone .... but it's needs a willingness to do what ...
by glen
22 minutes ago
Eating late won't effect weight-loss . It may have other issues for some (indigestion, etc.).
an hour ago
Don't forget to nourish that baby, though ;-)
an hour ago
Chit happens! :) Just move on!!! I have moments too!
an hour ago
Hey Alphamares - I agree the phases and the food ladder are important tools. The point is to safely add safe foods ...
an hour ago
You are doing well buddy! Keep it up.
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
Oh, I began making my bulletproof coffee (BPC) with a cup of coffee, 1 tbs coconut oil, 2 tbs heavy cream, 1 S ...