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31 Jan 16 by swoodsong on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
29 Jan 16 by tempest_spirit on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 0.7 lb a week Up
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4 minutes ago
Don't be so hard on yourself. It's most likely you are holding onto more fluid. Big hugs
26 minutes ago
Just bought a Fitbit Flex2. Hopefully it'll help me get off my butt. Now I need to figure out how to get it to ...
27 minutes ago
I love what Erika has to say. I really think she has a lot of wisdom. Prayers going out to you and your husband, ...
33 minutes ago
Gook going!
42 minutes ago
One meal at a time. Journal your food. Sometimes we're not eating enough or possibly may have some hidden carbs ...
an hour ago
Thank you! I've never heard of Halo Top before but I just googled it and now it will be in my cart next shopping ...
an hour ago
You can also try a spaghetti squash
an hour ago
Lol sure will Yourpissingmeoff
an hour ago
You can do it! There will always be obstacles in the way, but to get to our goals we have to keep fighting. ...
2 hours ago
It sure is :)