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12 Apr 15 by LindaLee14 on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 3.0 lb a week Up
06 Apr 15 by BeGracious on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 0.7 lb a week Up
05 Apr 15 by LindaLee14 on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
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4 minutes ago
Keep it up!!
about an hour ago
Good for you!!! You are an inspiration. I just went back to teaching this week. So, I have been super busy with ...
an hour ago
:) Yes I adjusted it the same night thanks for the help! - I had missed it totally. lol. So many little places ...
an hour ago
You are doing so, so well! I hope you get nothing but happy news from the doc.
an hour ago
I have a lot going on myself, the loss of my job, new meds for this awesome menopausal time of my life, family ...
an hour ago
Buy the 33" pair, too. As incentive and a reward. To be able to go to a high school reunion with bragging rights ...
2 hours ago
That is really amazing!!! The Hulk you are.
2 hours ago
Waaa Hooo! Congrats that is awesome news. :D