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13 Jan 15 by tempest_spirit on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
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11 minutes ago
I love how you consistantly play with the numbers.
an hour ago
I took your advice. Doing good so far today--yayeee!!! How are you doing? We're all on this climb :)
an hour ago
LindaLee14, he smoked salmon for me last weekend. That was tasty, although a little dry. I think he needs to ...
2 hours ago
Thank you Iamkimlg! I have a "thing" for spreadsheets. LOL
2 hours ago
Good thinking on the veggies. It's kind of like a special where you get whatever they give you that comes with ...
2 hours ago
Noooo that did NOT sound silly all. It sounded THANKFUL!!!! Best wishes as you continue to pursue better health.
2 hours ago
by HCB
3 hours ago
Thanks guys.