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2 minutes ago
This seems almost magical .... High fat snack? Why does this confuse my brain?
by glen
4 minutes ago
Hang in there. It's all good.
7 minutes ago
Wishing you a good sleep tonight. It has been a long day for you.
43 minutes ago
I'm still here, Deb. Just been busy enjoying the great "winter" weather we've been having. Sun, 50s and 60s, ...
about an hour ago
I'm glad every thing worked out for you
about an hour ago
This is wonderful I'm so happy for you keep up the good work.
an hour ago
I am so tired of shoveling. Nice job eating out without overdoing.
an hour ago
WOW - I am glad you were alert enough to move out of the way!
by HCB
an hour ago
Thanks all! Hi Glen :) try fartlek - burst sprint with walks in between. It builds speed as opposed to the ...
an hour ago
I found a fat bomb recipe :)