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11 Jan 16 by Maria Paz on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
07 Jan 16 by ptgrand on diet Mediterranean Diet
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2 minutes ago
They help with S.A.D. acne, joint pain,and a whole wack of things . I forget, I'd have to ask my sister.
7 minutes ago
Love it!!! How True!!!
9 minutes ago
I can't get either to open after they downloaded on my tablet. I'll try again later when I have a shot at the ...
13 minutes ago
Yes, I could take the sweetness!!!
21 minutes ago
I totally agree with you. It is a head thing. Rest assured our bodies do fluctuate at times. I know mine does.
22 minutes ago
Yeah, know the feeling - today is Fat Tuesday & normally I really indulge myself, but not today - funny thing is, ...
23 minutes ago
It's great that the doc finally contacted you hope the appointment goes well.
25 minutes ago
Spiritspell: No problem :)
27 minutes ago
Ya know, I was going to post something on the eggs and what not but then I said ya know what, this person obvi ...
31 minutes ago
Thank you Rockiesfan! I feel so good that I have changed my mind and decided to drive up to the Nature Preserve ...