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13 Feb 16 by tempest_spirit on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
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16 minutes ago
ironically it wasn't home food what made me go overboard but A&W .. I never in my wildest dreams I imagine some ...
23 minutes ago
welcome to its time to apply what you already know..
42 minutes ago
Darn it 😂
about an hour ago
I never heard of boiled cookies either, but they sure sound savory!!!!
an hour ago
My "Corporate Motto" = Agree, Avoid, Ignore
by HCB
an hour ago
I am struggling with overeating. Have a plan that has worked forever. Fat free vegsn, 1200 calories every day,walk ...
an hour ago
Okay I messaged you
an hour ago
@meli, the key to life in the military is to plan for life when you get out, before you even go in. I.e, pick a ...
2 hours ago
Oh My! warrenwinter, I don't know where I got Glen from. The both of you are awesome men! Excuse my mistake