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17 Dec 14 by drjp on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 6.2 lb a week Down
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4 minutes ago
Alternate your arms when scraping the wallpaper. There's your strength training for the biceps and triceps.
13 minutes ago
HCB I was in Binghamton, NY that winter, we could not see out of our 2 nd story windows!!! We had 9 feet in 3 ...
21 minutes ago
Eric is down to 285. He said it has been 20 years since he was at that weight.
28 minutes ago
The old man and I go to Reno in Aug every year. I park my butt in front of a machine and play never win a whole ...
32 minutes ago
Letty! Every week you amaze me!
36 minutes ago
Thank you for the support my friends. I'm working off the gain, will get a loss for the week if possible.
about an hour ago
I hope you get to feeling better!! It's so miserable when you get the flu or flu-like symptoms. Glad you're dr ...
about an hour ago
Mini goals are wonderful!
an hour ago
Your support to my naked truth post is overwhelming and empowering!!!!! Thank you you all have no idea what it ...
an hour ago
Powerful!! Thanks so much for sharing this AND for the honesty and courage in your posts!!! Best wishes as you ...