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17 Dec 14 by drjp on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 6.2 lb a week Down
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43 minutes ago
Like your style WilliamWilkins. That's exactly why I'm posting here. I'm very good at tracking what I eat and ...
about an hour ago
i ate 2300 calories yesterday and still managed to lose 1 lb. but with a caloric expenditure of 3500; and cons ...
an hour ago
Thank you for all the support! :)
an hour ago
Great Msbuggirl that's positive re-enforcement and something I'm striving to do more of in every way. And kind ...
an hour ago
I thought of another way to make sure I get through the holidays without destroying my sugar levels and my shr ...
an hour ago
Thanks I will do my best
an hour ago
You can always munch on veggies ;-) Keeping yourself busy to avoid overeating is always a good plan.
an hour ago
I'm not baking goodies for us or others. And tomorrow's fellowship lunch ? I'm taking mixed veggies. People don't ...
an hour ago
Look at it as an opportunity to stand in your integrity. You two aren't in charge of each other. We all just share ...
an hour ago
Yeah, once your body gets back into the habit of craving heavy foods, it can be hard to get back on a healthy ...