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06 Apr 15 by BeGracious on diet Mediterranean Diet, gaining 0.7 lb a week Up
31 Mar 15 by roseyhillgirl on diet Mediterranean Diet, steady weight Steady
24 Mar 15 by roseyhillgirl on diet Mediterranean Diet, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
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2 minutes ago
I would love to rock climb. No where around here to practice. Plenty of " raw rock faces" to injure my old bones ...
12 minutes ago
hold on ...I'll go to the gymn tonight after work for one hour of total body ;)
25 minutes ago
you should be excited; keep up the good work
28 minutes ago
They are very low cal too. And you can come to my house to help me clean if you want, lol!
35 minutes ago
You will make your milestone as you banish more weight and sculpt the new Jon. It will happen. If you stumble we ...
about an hour ago
You're doing great Jon, thanks for the inspiration and keep it up!
an hour ago
You are amazing! Great job. And you have the right attitude. I have do doubt what so ever that you will reach ...
an hour ago
New Jon I really admire you for being so active despite the weight.Walking 18 miles, kick boxing etc and working ...