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03 Aug 13 by PrekTeacher on diet Fat Flush Plan, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
31 Jul 13 by Flavas on diet Fat Flush Plan
28 Jul 13 by Flavas on diet Fat Flush Plan
14 Jul 13 by Kevinjpp on diet Fat Flush Plan
08 Jul 13 by amymeda on diet Fat Flush Plan
16 Jun 13 by kimberly rae on diet Fat Flush Plan, steady weight Steady
10 Jun 13 by kai-anna on diet Fat Flush Plan
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14 minutes ago
Glad you are here MPSarge and "HI" MPminnie! Congrats on quitting smoking! That is huge! Prayers and good th ...
26 minutes ago
Great loss!
36 minutes ago
who or where the heck did someone come up with that size system? I can understand folds, buttons, etc being op ...
about an hour ago
Thank ya'll so much! I have no clue about women's pant size to men's lol.
an hour ago
Hot Hot Hot! Good for you!
an hour ago
This is very inspirational. At one point I lost 70 pounds and put it back on over the course of 5 years. You've ...
an hour ago
I think someone needs some carbs in their life. No reason to be a dack bro. Brb eating 200g of carbs..more shr ...
2 hours ago
Love your choices! That does sound like a ton of food there.
2 hours ago
Wow sounds like they are on a mission to keep the group placated with food. Love your choices and commitment
2 hours ago
Nice!!! VERY nice!!!!! :)