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26 Apr 13 by nickygee on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 0.3 lb a week Down
18 Apr 13 by Optimus123 on diet Fat Flush Plan
03 Apr 13 by wwshiro on diet Fat Flush Plan
21 Mar 13 by funkyflicka on diet Fat Flush Plan
14 Mar 13 by Jennyh66 on diet Fat Flush Plan
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2 hours ago
Bryan -- It's taken about 8 months. I started in April.
4 hours ago
Yes, you need more sodium on a low carb diet. I make sure to add 1/2 tsp of sea salt to my food per day. I also ...
4 hours ago
tempering chocolate is not easy! I made lots of truffles but never did get the tempering right. so, I'm impressed! ...
4 hours ago
Pretreat your shirt before washing. Chocolate is greasy.
5 hours ago
I had to start taking a B vitamin cause my blood work was off. Amazing how one vitamin is off and it really af ...
5 hours ago
Thank uuuu.
6 hours ago
Enjoy them. Everything in moderation.
7 hours ago
Total walking today 6.33 miles. 14,333 steps! Eating well. Good day. green smoothie breakfast and chili for di ...
7 hours ago
My doctor also has me on vitamin D supplements because I was extremely low on a blood test (8) before i started ...