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26 Apr 13 by nickygee on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 0.3 lb a week Down
18 Apr 13 by Optimus123 on diet Fat Flush Plan
03 Apr 13 by wwshiro on diet Fat Flush Plan
21 Mar 13 by funkyflicka on diet Fat Flush Plan
14 Mar 13 by Jennyh66 on diet Fat Flush Plan
11 Mar 13 by Shay-La on diet Fat Flush Plan
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34 minutes ago
I eat because I am bored. I live alone 2 weeks of the month so I have a tenancy to eat out lots till hubby gets ...
44 minutes ago
Thanks, Guys! OK, you touched me! Some days just seem a little dry and nobody is talking. Other days, it's non ...
about an hour ago
Thanks for sharing that pic!
an hour ago
MrsRatfire, I remember there was a FitBit recall for some models that gave people a rash. Look into it.
an hour ago
I made a commitment to the Lord as my promise. I don't cheat.
2 hours ago
thanks for your support and happy Birthday and happy dances on your hitting your goal <3
2 hours ago
I eat bad things for me cuz they taste sooo good and im addicted to food---its always ur favorite sin that usually ...
2 hours ago
Ed, you inspired me!
3 hours ago
I have been under the most stressful situations to lose weight and I still am nowhere near my goal."Afraid of ...
3 hours ago
You are doing great, I know you can do this.