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07 Jun 13 by MyGirls on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
26 Apr 13 by nickygee on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 0.3 lb a week Down
18 Apr 13 by Optimus123 on diet Fat Flush Plan
03 Apr 13 by wwshiro on diet Fat Flush Plan
21 Mar 13 by funkyflicka on diet Fat Flush Plan
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2 minutes ago
I too struggle with crunch withdrawl.. I made cheese crisp today ..basically baked shredded cheese.. let it cool ...
9 minutes ago
I initially lost 167 lbs and gained 40 back. It has be a yo yo trip for me as well. We can do it. Keep the faith.
10 minutes ago
At least you tried :) I remember the first time I tried atkins, I was panicking! I bet I ate 3 bags of pork ...
15 minutes ago
I bought it last night and used one pack in my sugar and found that it doesn't really have a taste. I think i'm ...
25 minutes ago
My usual, stone ground whole wheat with flax seeds and sunflower seeds. It's shared in my cookbook as updated ...
25 minutes ago
Yes, those too. I tend to try and avoid those ones. They can be rather nasty.
34 minutes ago
PS: Awesome weight loss! :)
an hour ago
Well your diet calendar has a lot of "poorlys" on it. They say losing weight is aobut 80% diet and 20% percent ...
an hour ago
Jess .... I just purchased some stevia .... Tomorrow morning the plan is the Atkins muffin in a minute. I'm e ...
by glen
an hour ago
Thank you LeleOnka, Bill, Deb and HCB :-)