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31 Dec 14 by pollupy on diet Fat Flush Plan, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
18 Sep 14 by jlokatt on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 2.8 lb a week Down
14 Jun 14 by manolia_89 on diet Fat Flush Plan
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40 minutes ago
I'm currently taking myself off of Topamax due to the side effects. It's been horrible! I hope it's working for ...
about an hour ago
And about the snacks, I decided today to throw away my lemon cake and my doritos , it was a hard decision but it ...
about an hour ago
So sorry for your loss πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•
about an hour ago
Cabbage is soooooo good for our health but we are watching the Travel channel about Korean/Mexican burrritos. ...
an hour ago
Thanks so much for your thoughts. I will not make a habit of it. V/R Mark
an hour ago
Gosh, I can relate to using every excuse in the book for grab something to put in my mouth. There is a positive ...
an hour ago
in the end the conclusion is Rice can be part of a bad (unhealthy) or good (healthy) diet completely dependent ...