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10 Sep 13 by mshoward35 on diet Fat Flush Plan
05 Sep 13 by P_Reed on diet Fat Flush Plan
03 Sep 13 by P_Reed on diet Fat Flush Plan
03 Sep 13 by mlj7 on diet Fat Flush Plan
02 Sep 13 by P_Reed on diet Fat Flush Plan
03 Aug 13 by PrekTeacher on diet Fat Flush Plan, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
31 Jul 13 by Flavas on diet Fat Flush Plan
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Recent Comments

a minute ago
Wow! That's amazing. Pleased for you. So must be so glad to be rid of it. Clever girl!
a minute ago
Try eucalyptus oil in a nice hot bath? No stress it's just a minor set back.
3 minutes ago
You did a great job! so proud of you!
5 minutes ago
You are really working it and it shows!...keep that arrow pointed down, your doing something right so whatever ...
6 minutes ago
You are so right! It can be really eye opening to discover food that you thought was fine, if not healthy, was ...
7 minutes ago
Thank you both :)
8 minutes ago
Kaiser Permanente has a really helpful online .pdf brochure for determining the appropriate number of servings ...
8 minutes ago
Sending prayers
9 minutes ago
I am so glad the elimination is working. Good luck figuring out the bad triggers. I'll keep my fingers crossed. ...
12 minutes ago
Thank you. Yes it is encouraging Hipaagrammy. Thank you and (((hugs))) back kattay.