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01 Feb 15 by Doublube on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
30 Jan 15 by Doublube on diet Fat Flush Plan
31 Dec 14 by pollupy on diet Fat Flush Plan, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
18 Sep 14 by jlokatt on diet Fat Flush Plan
14 Jun 14 by manolia_89 on diet Fat Flush Plan
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12 minutes ago
You went AWOL on us....welcome back!
18 minutes ago
Everything you said rings so true to me. This time around, I have tried to pay much more attention to the com ...
25 minutes ago
If I had a grill, that would be amazing... I plan on buying more ground turkey to add to my meals because it is ...
27 minutes ago
chicken breast on bbq. I cook 4 at a time, they are excellent to add to a wrap or salad or w a veg. they keep well ...
34 minutes ago
Well ....shaky shoulders are better than no shoulders at all! I see some real potential here!
by glen
an hour ago
You're a good daddy! I know the youngest son snatched a few of my sliced cucumbers and I was tempted ...
by LuC2
an hour ago
Welcome back, Maud! Love you!
an hour ago
Like Deb said there is always tomorrow. I never let it bother me if I eat or drink something I shouldn't.
an hour ago
Thanks dreamcatcher10! I get to have the boys tomorrow! The schools are closed. Looks like apprx 4 inches of ...