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02 Mar 14 by Roosevelt1015 on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 4.0 lb a week Down
01 Mar 14 by Susi-Q on diet Fat Flush Plan
28 Feb 14 by Acedwards0927 on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
03 Mar 14 by Laura Br on diet Fat Flush Plan
25 Feb 14 by nanstera on diet Fat Flush Plan
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17 minutes ago
Deb, you may find after that one sliver of pumpkin and maybe a sliver of another that's all the sweet you can ...
22 minutes ago
i am so so so sorry about your back pain I really truly hope it goes away before thanks giving
44 minutes ago
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Deb. I have no doubt that, even if you spurge just a little on that one day, you will ...
an hour ago
Hi Deb :) I do think that moderation is key! I allow myself a treat each day. I also allow myself one blow meal ...
an hour ago
Yes you can, and yes you will not say no to pies! lol What I mean is, try to at least do a bit more exercise than ...
an hour ago
You have done so well!!! Soon this phase will end as it always has.
by brla
2 hours ago
Most likely water weight. Great job!
2 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your back is better very soon!
2 hours ago
Wonderful reminder, my friend, to eat and live mindfully throughout the holiday! Xoxox
by Ruhu
2 hours ago
I am so excited about your new kitchen!!! And the work opportunity sounds great too! Happy Thanksgiving!