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18 Sep 14 by jlokatt on diet Fat Flush Plan
14 Jun 14 by manolia_89 on diet Fat Flush Plan
24 Mar 14 by Roosevelt1015 on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 1.6 lb a week Down
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10 minutes ago
Same here! I was really proud of those healthy bars :) And thank you...I'm flattered to be an inspiration to ...
15 minutes ago
16 minutes ago
That was my biggest realization. I was eating healthy just eating way to much. Often telling myself, it's healthy ...
26 minutes ago
I am so happy for you that your husband s now along for the ride. It's great that you can make this journey to ...
28 minutes ago
Is retirement in the near future? I'm impressed with the running. Seems like everyone is running. I only run away ...
32 minutes ago
Keep walking and making your good food choices. I hope your next weigh in will be good for you. :) Sweet dreams, ...
about an hour ago
They are trying to build a women's shelter in my hometown. I live in a very small town but I can give them to ...
an hour ago
JW4444 it's a deal! I do have to warn you, I have adhd, and I'm totally addicted to clicking pens over, and over, ...
an hour ago
Women's shelters always need help, I now donate mine to the salvation army. Most of the so called charity thrift ...
an hour ago
Hi Deb, i agree, portion distortion is my problem too. I'm working on weighing and measuring so that some day ...