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24 Mar 14 by Roosevelt1015 on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 1.6 lb a week Down
02 Mar 14 by Roosevelt1015 on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 4.0 lb a week Down
01 Mar 14 by Susi-Q on diet Fat Flush Plan
28 Feb 14 by Acedwards0927 on diet Fat Flush Plan, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
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15 minutes ago
You have to weigh same time, same scale, same clothes, same everything to accurately gauge weight loss. Moving ...
21 minutes ago
noooooooo! xD hehe
about an hour ago
I'm actually glad it took you this long. It might give you something to think about for when you go away in early ...
an hour ago
Inspirational. I do believe food can be a healer (as well as a weapon of mass destruction). I was just recounting ...
by LuC2
an hour ago
Just say nooooo!
an hour ago
I'm glad you made it home okay! I'd weigh again tomorrow before you've eaten and see what it says. If you're ...
an hour ago
Thanks :)
an hour ago
Well done you!!
an hour ago
Thank you everyone. I am trying to stay positive, some days it's harder than others. When it comes to food, we ...
an hour ago
Sorry for your loss... 50 is way too early to leave...