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20 Feb 14 by angpascoe on diet The Paleo Diet
20 Feb 14 by BuddySuperfly on diet The Paleo Diet, steady weight Steady
17 Feb 14 by fatgirllittlecoat on diet The Paleo Diet, steady weight Steady
16 Feb 14 by Hadasha on diet The Paleo Diet
14 Feb 14 by JessicaSJJS on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 2.2 lb a week Down
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10 minutes ago
My favorite saying is "if you are not planning for success then you are planning for failure". It is clear dear ...
29 minutes ago
Looks brilliant.. Love your text... Simple concept as you say... And so true.
about an hour ago
Good for you, Glammer! Keep doing it!
about an hour ago
Replacing the sandwich would be a good idea i feel less hungry since cutting out most bread. I eat rice crackers ...
an hour ago
YAY for 5ks! Ive done two now, they are fun! Just do as fast as you can, then next time try to beat your last ...
an hour ago
Root root root
an hour ago
Go for it Lily Marie..... take each kilo at a time and you will get there are only a few to go x
an hour ago
isnt it?? We are ALL doing the impossible :)
an hour ago
Thanks Hannelie!
2 hours ago
Okay, NM, I give. Check out my new profile picture. It's me and the Blond Puppy, as yet unnamed. Thank you for ...