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18 Mar 16 by Panigale1199 on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 2.1 lb a week Down
13 Mar 16 by tombelljr on diet The Paleo Diet, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
11 Mar 16 by rebeccaberg on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
09 Mar 16 by keon14 on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 1.6 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
nice work
a minute ago
You can do it! Hang in there and stick with your plan. :)
3 minutes ago
Thanks Phil, my husband has a bone bruise on his knee, it's getting better but he keeps banging it. Turpentine ...
9 minutes ago
I hope it all goes well - and it can't be fun living with the injury that needs repair.
11 minutes ago
No Suzy, no workout! You have a great day! I'm off to Las Vegas in about 2 hours. Have a great day, my dear!
13 minutes ago
I think this is a very efective way to face life, war , love, kids. As a taurus. :-)
14 minutes ago
15 minutes ago
haha my boyfriend wont even let me touch my bike without full leathers on so I get to sweat in august
20 minutes ago
man you got this!
21 minutes ago
You will positively get there Glen. There is no doubt in my mind.