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23 Mar 15 by jclynne on diet The Paleo Diet
23 Mar 15 by FatScott on diet The Paleo Diet, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
20 Mar 15 by Californiaesque on diet The Paleo Diet, steady weight Steady
20 Mar 15 by RBBowers on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
I did good. Actually did not eat enough. Walked 5 miles too. My feet are killing me. Walking on the actual ...
3 minutes ago
Love reading your posts. Have a stress fee end of the month. Seems like I remember last month you getting pretty ...
13 minutes ago
Oh its really me...just a six year old picture. I have it on purposefully for inspiration. Thats a pix of me ...
26 minutes ago
Wow... Try it a few days. And if you're still hungry up a bit. That's pretty low.
about an hour ago
about an hour ago
don't remember where I saw this but it stuck with me: glass half empty, glass half full, just be thankful you have ...
by Rckc
about an hour ago
Attitude is everything .... It's never a good thing for me when I start feeling sorry for myself. Yes, life does ...
by glen
about an hour ago
Lol, that's cute: "the skinniest slice of cake you ever saw". Aw, seems like he was nervous. Thankfully, he didn't ...
an hour ago
The fact that you didn't just throw the day away and eat everything shows a positive step. Great job!