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17 Jul 14 by discofunk on diet The Paleo Diet, steady weight Steady
15 Jul 14 by nazairix on diet The Paleo Diet
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21 minutes ago
wholefoodnut sounds like you Love that house and am very happy for you <3 makes ya ten-foot tall and bullet proof ...
34 minutes ago
Will do. Will begin working this off via exercise tomorrow, too!
36 minutes ago
Ziploc steamer bags work great in the microwave for freshly steamed veggies and a few meats.
about an hour ago
The thing I have found to overcome my craving for sweets is...2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter mixed with ...
an hour ago
I don't feel so bad about no longer taking vitamins, as what you say is true, now they are saying that it has no ...
an hour ago
Chris, this is a marathon, a life time commitment to be healthy. A day s just a day in the life.... it's the long ...
2 hours ago
Don't forget raw cookie dough has eggs and you could get salmonella poisoning. Before you laugh, it happened to ...
2 hours ago
Super drop, total weight loss so far is awesome!!!!! Your dog is adorable!!! - I have a maine coone cat name Buddy ...
2 hours ago
I left the motel/hotel Dec. 2012. The water heaters were there since 1988. They had safety valves but they didn't ...
2 hours ago
You can do it, Bill!