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18 Apr 16 by JKL2012 on diet The Paleo Diet
18 Apr 16 by caveman114 on diet The Paleo Diet
16 Apr 16 by rebeccaberg on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 1.6 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
a minute ago
lol ty rc
a minute ago
Good luck!
4 minutes ago
vidgro, I never thought of that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I was looking at it from my perspec ...
6 minutes ago
Choo Choo (not chew chew) good for YOU!
by Rckc
9 minutes ago
It may apply to "the great" (who decides who they are?) but it also applies to a number of despots and dictators...
21 minutes ago
It's good you have plugged in here. Altering your diet correctly will decrease inflammation.
22 minutes ago
Hunter you were right to be straight forward with her or anybody. Most times it's all opinions, sometimes it's ...
25 minutes ago
Support your choices go girl go.