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10 Apr 16 by BleyLIFE on diet The Paleo Diet, gaining 0.8 lb a week Up
07 Apr 16 by lexus1299 on diet The Paleo Diet
06 Apr 16 by rebeccaberg on diet The Paleo Diet
05 Apr 16 by jamesmagruder on diet The Paleo Diet, gaining 3.5 lb a week Up
04 Apr 16 by rebeccaberg on diet The Paleo Diet
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a minute ago's not that I'm not going due to not's so I can lay on the couch after talking some ...
4 minutes ago
You're going in the right direction. Slow or fast, you'll end up in the right place. You may want to ask your ...
11 minutes ago
short answer - yes; longer answer - I prefer one that does, but in the end I don't know if it really matters. ...
13 minutes ago
DERPP!!!!!! I SO asked for that. How did I NOT see it coming? lol
18 minutes ago
Nettiejean my digital scale says it's a Health o meter. It's white in color but not expensive at all. I'm just ...
24 minutes ago
Sisters can be a real pain, and if your mother is sympathizing with her, that can make the situation even worse. ...
30 minutes ago
You are such a caring hard working Mom!! Plus besides all that you help on the farm! Have faith as always one ...
31 minutes ago
Give this one some thought: "You are, at this very moment, the very best version of you. Believe it. Embrace ...
35 minutes ago
That's interesting. Even though, I believe many overweight people have hereditary or some physical problem, I can ...
about an hour ago
The gym where I go has several trainers, each has their own area of expertise. One of them is a runner and most ...
by Rckc