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12 Jul 14 by starchild72766 on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
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14 minutes ago
Oh dear, this must be catching, we have the same amount of weight to lose so let's support each other x
20 minutes ago
AWWWW!! THANKS DEB!! And thank YOU Draglist!! I appreciate it! Best wishes to everybody!!
24 minutes ago
Yep. Certainly ate like a guinea pig today! Massive bowl of veggies for dinner plus a bit ol' smoothie! That crazy ...
29 minutes ago
@rose brauning - lol!! yes they were cruncy, salty & good. yes, tomorrow is another day and not buying chips or ...
33 minutes ago
kattay, both. It's a variation on the humble brag: the complain brag.
42 minutes ago
I'm starting to think its not what you ate yesterday that affects today's weight. Its what you ate 2-3 days ago ...
about an hour ago
I make sure plate is mostly plant. Two days a week no meet at all I eat peamuts, peanut butter and when I do late ...
an hour ago
I like your ideas! I love it when a plan comes together!
an hour ago
thanks for the inspiration ce! what an enchanting place and path you have pictured! I was thinking about that ...
an hour ago
I'm in the process of addressing this now. So far (knock wood) I've been about 95% successful. My personal a ...