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14 Aug 14 by Manelsen on diet The Paleo Diet
28 Jul 14 by tonyarains on diet The Paleo Diet
02 Aug 14 by starchild72766 on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 4.5 lb a week Down
31 Jul 14 by robg on diet The Paleo Diet
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3 minutes ago
Sorry I missed your birthday. I saw your message on my journal that we share the same birthday. Happy Belated ...
about an hour ago
@ Encouraged that goes for me too.
an hour ago
Thanks, mrsmole. Following the standard plan. Let's see how we do.
an hour ago
He has strengthened me so much, though, that I don't have temptations or cravings anymore. I am totally at peace. ...
an hour ago
Already dropped a few. Great job. It'll go. Keeping up the HIIT a few times a week helps. Nice work, Draglist.
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
12000 steps today!
2 hours ago
Wow that's amazing. Keep it up.
2 hours ago
no kattay the one and only time hes gone now but my daughter is having trouble pulling it together ,, he did more ...
2 hours ago
Great job!!