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06 May 16 by rontravis on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 8.0 lb a week Down
04 May 16 by azjenn80 on diet The Paleo Diet
02 May 16 by JKL2012 on diet The Paleo Diet, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
02 May 16 by anhatton on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 3.5 lb a week Down
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29 minutes ago
You have to use a separate site like photobucket and link the photo in. Photos can only be linked into original ...
37 minutes ago
I don't know how to do anything on here either. Except post statuses. How did you add your profile picture?
an hour ago
Do they still have the bacon-wrapped deep dish, ermergerd, good stuff.
an hour ago
Thanks, FiveTwoCowboy. I'm determined...
2 hours ago
Go get it! You can do it!
2 hours ago
@ ChicaLean. What a beautiful comment. Thank you so much. I keep trying. Thanks for the pic too. They are just ...
2 hours ago
Thanks Lynn!!!
2 hours ago
Warren, you might have been a pro player but I'm glad you stuck to teaching!
3 hours ago
The best solution I have found is to eat before I go to any function. If you eat and eat pretty good, you should ...
3 hours ago
See you on the blue side. Great new pic!