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20 Jul 14 by Projectmandime on diet The Paleo Diet, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
17 Jul 14 by discofunk on diet The Paleo Diet, steady weight Steady
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a minute ago
Too much of a good thing... Your item A) reminds me of buying that Double quarter with cheese in the spring and ...
3 minutes ago
I'm proud of you for not killing him :)
4 minutes ago
Thanks all for the words of wisdom. I need to really get the Atkins book so that I get a better understanding ...
5 minutes ago
I was drinking spring water because of it being so doesn't have the best taste and I really have to ...
10 minutes ago
health food stores also sell trace minerals you can add to your water. not to expensive either.
10 minutes ago
kattay, I'm just bitter the Diet Fairy didn't leave new clothes under my pillow.
13 minutes ago
Thanks, Kathy. I don't know all the fancy abbreviations on the protein powders but I go by the max amount of p ...
14 minutes ago
Thanks everyone, it really is great to have a group of people here. I'm looking forward to it all. Especially ...
20 minutes ago
My birthday is coming up this Saturday as well and I'm trying really hard to be exceptionally good this week b ...
21 minutes ago
Wishing you wonderful & blessed too… late start or not! xoxox
by Ruhu