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01 Feb 15 by Vo2Max on diet The Paleo Diet
26 Jan 15 by bway on diet The Paleo Diet
26 Jan 15 by Stirling007 on diet The Paleo Diet, steady weight Steady
24 Jan 15 by robg on diet The Paleo Diet, gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
24 Jan 15 by kmar on diet The Paleo Diet
20 Jan 15 by LSRPrincess on diet The Paleo Diet, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
21 Jan 15 by Vo2Max on diet The Paleo Diet
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13 minutes ago
Go SEATTLE GO. Yeah I should have a no count day but that's won't work. Scale tomorrow has do an extra HIIT.
41 minutes ago
44 minutes ago
Thanks girls!!! I agree you feel great afterwards but getting the motivation to start is sometimes the hardest.
about an hour ago
Good job! I'm sure you did look great in the leggings :)
about an hour ago
I've stopped making the sweets too as I have little willpower. I've been working out when my sweet tooth sneaks ...
by MmeB
an hour ago
I heard there was a quinoa flour. Have you tried using it?
an hour ago
yeah - I really do have to stay away from those products with gluten, I am not super sensitive but I just never ...
by HCB
an hour ago
Hope you have the gluten sensitivity under control now. Take care.
2 hours ago
Don't be afraid of fat! Also, it's better to go by grams for your macros rather than percentages; fat is meant ...
2 hours ago
Yes, glad you are in good health despite all that has occurred. Take care.