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18 Apr 14 by Shellsbells 140 on diet The Paleo Diet, steady weight Steady
17 Apr 14 by cpmodem on diet The Paleo Diet
17 Apr 14 by Rene2times on diet The Paleo Diet
17 Apr 14 by basakua on diet The Paleo Diet, gaining 3.9 lb a week Up
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26 minutes ago
what do you think about if during the marathon it starts huring? Look at the chocolate and think about THAT. its ...
30 minutes ago
The number one thing is to get it out of your house. If you can't there are others ways of dealing with it. Go ...
an hour ago
You're my hero!!!
an hour ago
Sometimes acknowledgement of a journal is random and is all about the timing of your post. Look at how many people ...
an hour ago
You are doing Fantastic
an hour ago
Awesome job, Maud! The foot pain - is that from plantar fasciitis or something else? If it is, I know you're ...
an hour ago
2 hours ago
Thanks guys; I'm just disappointed in myself and feeling lost since I gained a couple pounds. I weigh myself ...
2 hours ago
It takes confidence to give a compliment! I have had similar experiences and I have come to realize that when you ...
3 hours ago
Chistina your situation I can really relate to as I often get this 'feeling' - my other half teases my excess ...