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18 Mar 14 by evomom on diet Dukan Diet
16 Mar 14 by Kiki40 on diet Dukan Diet, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
05 Mar 14 by Gabija on diet Dukan Diet
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about an hour ago
Yes, you need more sodium on a low carb diet. I make sure to add 1/2 tsp of sea salt to my food per day. I also ...
about an hour ago
tempering chocolate is not easy! I made lots of truffles but never did get the tempering right. so, I'm impressed! ...
an hour ago
Pretreat your shirt before washing. Chocolate is greasy.
2 hours ago
I had to start taking a B vitamin cause my blood work was off. Amazing how one vitamin is off and it really af ...
2 hours ago
Thank uuuu.
3 hours ago
Enjoy them. Everything in moderation.
4 hours ago
Total walking today 6.33 miles. 14,333 steps! Eating well. Good day. green smoothie breakfast and chili for di ...
4 hours ago
My doctor also has me on vitamin D supplements because I was extremely low on a blood test (8) before i started ...
4 hours ago
When I was working evenings last June and July we had to eat very late (11-midnight). Weight loss was a disaster ...
5 hours ago
Hang tight! You might consider giving these sites a try to ease the stress when it's 3am in the morning and no ...