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17 Feb 14 by Gabija on diet Dukan Diet
14 Feb 14 by Gabija on diet Dukan Diet
09 Feb 14 by Gabija on diet Dukan Diet, losing 3.7 lb a week Down
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2 minutes ago
Ouch on cramps... Hope the powerade helps. Great bit of exercise, by the way
8 minutes ago
You would't think about food if your diet plan was around 1200 calories, which is the minimum doctors recommend. ...
11 minutes ago
Wonderful accomplishment! Congrats!
about an hour ago
Good for you, Deb_N!! You are such an inspiration.
about an hour ago
Thanks guys she'll make a full recovery we're just so happy for that!
an hour ago
Hey Chris - saw your recipe for People Chow and the word soylent and had to grin a bit. What ARE you up to over ...
2 hours ago
Sorry to hear of your troubles, pleased for the improvements, relax as much as you can.
2 hours ago
Kicking butt my friend good for you:):)
2 hours ago
Thank you for the support. It is amazing how ingrained the whole weight lose is, from the time we are little ...