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06 Jul 14 by Kiki40 on diet Dukan Diet, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
06 Jul 14 by LifeWithoutSugar on diet Dukan Diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
03 Jul 14 by Kiki40 on diet Dukan Diet
29 Jun 14 by dmadesotx on diet Dukan Diet, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
26 Jun 14 by Kiki40 on diet Dukan Diet, gaining 1.2 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Glad things are going well.
4 minutes ago
Thanks guys!
5 minutes ago
We are going to do this! I don't care if it's only a few ounces at a time, we are going to do it! We'll do it ...
13 minutes ago
Thank you, thank you. I worked for a year on those arms. And that was my Star Wars Day outfit. I tried to e ...
15 minutes ago
Congratulations on a VERY successful week!!!!! :)
29 minutes ago
The biggest and most effective thing I learned was listen to your body. It tells you what it likes and what it ...
31 minutes ago
Great words Deb!
36 minutes ago
Ours usually comes out of the East as do our storms. I always wish that I could can the winter winds and open them ...
38 minutes ago
Thank you everyone. altagraciacastillo my dad had that on his cards when he passed. I shall know more as the ...
45 minutes ago
Good for you! Go get 'em!