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31 to 40 of 100
04 Mar 14 by Gabija on diet Dukan Diet
02 Mar 14 by Gabija on diet Dukan Diet, losing 4.6 lb a week Down
27 Feb 14 by Gabija on diet Dukan Diet
26 Feb 14 by Gabija on diet Dukan Diet
23 Feb 14 by Gabija on diet Dukan Diet, losing 1.3 lb a week Down
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2 minutes ago
Amen, Vickie5966!
by LuC2
6 minutes ago
I can sympathize with your desire to eat at night because I fast. I discovered that having sugar free popsicles ...
12 minutes ago
YOU ROCK!!!!! Seriously, you rock HARD! My current goal is an interim one. Truthfully, I don't even have a ...
15 minutes ago
Thanks Guys! It is hard and I am trying to find the pattern that works best for me but I do believe this is ...
15 minutes ago
I hear you, Chad, and I'm right there with you. But to be frank what held me back for 30 years was my success in ...
18 minutes ago
I look at my food diary and I am like...what happens after 4???? It is crazy. I have tried eating more for lunch ...
28 minutes ago
What effect would a 7" snow fall have on allergies if it came a week into the beginning of symptoms?
33 minutes ago
I have hypothyroidism as well but no I don't take phentermine. For my hypothyroidism I take synthroid. But my ...
40 minutes ago
I get what you're saying Bill, but if you are losing weight and not weight are losing muscle mass, ...
about an hour ago
I am happy to hear from all you powerful, spunky women. What a great community this is!