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12 Sep 14 by Jlb650 on diet Medifast, gaining 2.0 lb a week Up
02 Sep 14 by Dzewski on diet Medifast, gaining 5.2 lb a week Up
01 Sep 14 by Juju33 on diet Medifast
29 Aug 14 by Jlb650 on diet Medifast, losing 26.6 lb a week Down
25 Aug 14 by raitchison on diet Medifast, losing 11.0 lb a week Down
18 Aug 14 by raitchison on diet Medifast, gaining 4.0 lb a week Up
18 Aug 14 by ReneefromLA on diet Medifast, gaining 11.7 lb a week Up
09 Aug 14 by CharleeSue on diet Medifast
09 Aug 14 by GloriaDe on diet Medifast
14 Jun 14 by blubbergut0620 on diet Medifast
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44 minutes ago
Nice pace! It could be you are gaining muscle at this point.
an hour ago
Good job! You've got this :)
an hour ago
also added red onions
an hour ago
The prize was a cloth tote bag containing a pedometer, travel mug, 16oz.drinking water container with tube, 30 ...
an hour ago
Tough schlogging, and I'd say you're a better man than me, but that would just be stupid.
an hour ago
marybeth00 yes I am doing keto ☺☺☺