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29 Jan 14 by digidavid on diet Medifast, losing 3.2 lb a week Down
23 Jan 14 by heynetboy on diet Medifast
22 Jan 14 by 162831028 on diet Medifast
19 Jan 14 by digidavid on diet Medifast, losing 2.1 lb a week Down
15 Jan 14 by digidavid on diet Medifast
15 Jan 14 by KG2V on diet Medifast, gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
14 Jan 14 by I am the gram on diet Medifast, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
14 Jan 14 by digidavid on diet Medifast
06 Jan 14 by Sue4j on diet Medifast
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a minute ago
hehe! Be careful you mouse!
7 minutes ago
small incremental manageable changes
8 minutes ago
Thank you guys!
13 minutes ago
Good luck :-)
17 minutes ago
I hate it when your computer breaks... it's like someone tied your hands and we can't talk...
25 minutes ago
Good for you for exercising even when on vacation. Soon you'll be back to normal.
32 minutes ago
Haaaaa, good luck not dropping that "F" bomb while giving birth!!! :) My wife couldn't help it!!! Seriously, ...
38 minutes ago
I am a firefighter on top of being in sales and a mom of 6. so the health dept will check for free for me. not ...
39 minutes ago
How fast it goes on and how slow it comes off. Not fair is it?
40 minutes ago
Any programme to work those muscles to burn fat u go JavaMom