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a minute ago
Welcome back! Good luck in your challenge! I'm glad I joined it, too. :)
7 minutes ago
Actually I get 8 hours of sleep every night and I am not stressed any more than normal everyday stuff.
13 minutes ago
27 minutes ago
That's awesome Kattay.
36 minutes ago
It's amazing how fast I can gain back weight if I'm not staying strictly on a low calorie diet. WOW...........
about an hour ago
Congrats on your progress!
about an hour ago
I am a stress eater myself so I had to learn to be a stress exerciser. You can do it. What happened yesterday is ...
about an hour ago
Good going Deb! You're so inspiring and supportive!
about an hour ago
Thanks Suzi. I've been drinking 6-7 20 oz bottles of water. The extra water weight on the scale bugs me even ...
an hour ago
Amen! I want to follow the RDI this month too and will create a challenge for that. And just set up a water (c ...