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a minute ago
Your day sounds so amaaaaaazing :-) A little jealous!
a minute ago
Well done :-)
6 minutes ago
First I have to see a post. Then I tend to support those whose starting weight is high and their goal is 50+ p ...
10 minutes ago
Way to Go! Leave that foolishness behind.
14 minutes ago
So that's the history....what's the future? IMO it really helps to plan what you're going to have and to have ...
14 minutes ago
Thank you both. Although I feel proud of what I have accomplished so far, it feels good to have someone else a ...
27 minutes ago
Thanks everyone
31 minutes ago
CatHerder I agree with you. Atkins is high fat, moderate protein and low carb. At least it is in "A New Atkins ...
31 minutes ago
Haha, one young hottie mctottie STAT!!! ;) I hope you feel better soon dear, it's a disease that's affected many ...
35 minutes ago
Oh that's HYSTERICAL! My sister just asked me the same thing. I'll take a young one, mama likey the young ones!