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No we have to take the days we have to put the roofing on and such as our weekends aren't usually days off from ...
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3 minutes ago
Good job on the weight loss and willpower! Are you warming up before stretching and jumping jacks? I always start ...
6 minutes ago
Excellent Job!!
7 minutes ago
I really like to go to the minor league baseball games. Many of the stadiums are really nice and I just love ...
11 minutes ago
Good job, keep it up. I hit rock bottom, and just got back on FS. I need to lose 15-20lbs. Ed
11 minutes ago
Football is amazing...but I do love GOING to baseball games, plus I live by Milwaukee so I get to enjoy some S ...
12 minutes ago
Thanks for the support Sachakay
15 minutes ago
Practice makes perfect. You had happy times and celebrated. You shouldn't have regrets about that. Now it's back ...
18 minutes ago
Thanks! That's what I endedup doing...I was just so full I could not eat before the ride...but a small protien ...