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09 Aug 14 by CharleeSue on diet Medifast
09 Aug 14 by GloriaDe on diet Medifast
14 Jun 14 by blubbergut0620 on diet Medifast
18 Jul 14 by GloriaDe on diet Medifast
14 Jul 14 by swartzdonna on diet Medifast
14 Jul 14 by raitchison on diet Medifast, gaining 3.0 lb a week Up
03 Jul 14 by SlimShelley on diet Medifast, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
18 Jun 14 by transformation724 on diet Medifast
28 May 14 by Stioffan on diet Medifast, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Hey--they have Tony Stewart Scrubs!!! Nothing fancy--just red with the number 14 on them. I have to get some!
about an hour ago
You are such an inspiration. Not only have you accomplished this amazing transformation, but you are so generous ...
an hour ago
Animal liver is supposed to be great for you. Cook it, dehydrate it and put it into empty pill capsules so you ...
an hour ago
Thank you HCB
an hour ago
an hour ago
If you are capable of logging, and staying within a limit, I would recommend calorie counts. I find seeing what ...
an hour ago
Hi-I know trying to cook protein without added calories was a challenge for me for awhile...grew up on a family ...
2 hours ago
Little victories add up. And all those little steps in the right direction lead you to your goal.
2 hours ago
wtg you !!! Yay!!
2 hours ago
Walking makes a lot of sense and on a beach, so much better. I used to love to walk miles along the beach when ...