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03 Feb 16 by bogey919 on diet Medifast
30 Dec 15 by Dzewski on diet Medifast, gaining 3.0 lb a week Up
05 Dec 15 by Bluecafe on diet Medifast
01 Dec 15 by Dzewski on diet Medifast, gaining 3.9 lb a week Up
30 Nov 15 by raitchison on diet Medifast, gaining 2.3 lb a week Up
02 Nov 15 by mammasix on diet Medifast, losing 0.5 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Well, at 42 you couldn't be my grandchild, but you could still be my son!! (lol) Hope you have a great birthday, ...
15 minutes ago
Yes, the same here. Thank you so much Misty. :-)
19 minutes ago
I press pause too! Better to do it right ;-) I feel strong after these videos :-)
38 minutes ago
Warren, I don't know about not snacking before bedtime, mostly because I never tried it. Baby steps, I think: ...
42 minutes ago
Stick it out. In a while the day off will be the hard one.
an hour ago
Overall I don't think anyone is trying to hurt my progress. They do mean well. One consideration is that some of ...
an hour ago
It is frustrating especially when they say "oh just a little will not hurt you" when YES it will! I had the same ...
an hour ago
Okay? I'm not sure how to do this chatting! Thanks for the comment! What's 5:2?
an hour ago
That is wonderful news! Yay for Warren. Such a sweet collage, Suzy.
an hour ago
There really is no reason to get surgery, you're still going to have to severely restrict your intake and you can ...