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18 Jul 14 by GloriaDe on diet Medifast
14 Jul 14 by swartzdonna on diet Medifast
14 Jul 14 by raitchison on diet Medifast, gaining 3.0 lb a week Up
03 Jul 14 by SlimShelley on diet Medifast, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
18 Jun 14 by transformation724 on diet Medifast
28 May 14 by Stioffan on diet Medifast, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
24 May 14 by digidavid on diet Medifast, losing 0.7 lb a week Down
05 May 14 by Prns Ruth on diet Medifast
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8 minutes ago
I'll be at my mom's house but it will just be the two of us. So it will be much easier than in the past. We will ...
27 minutes ago
You have a great Sunday too Snezica.
31 minutes ago
Looking back at this journal entry - Yes I was happy when I started this "diet" but it was so restrictive and bad ...
34 minutes ago
No, But I did use USANA.. and the chocolate one is amazing!!
42 minutes ago
Eating 5-6 times a day doesn't work for everyone, often due to work demands. Me 3 meals, if I go to the gym after ...
about an hour ago
I recently was at a gathering and I made sure I ate... I tried to find the healthiest foods with the lowest ca ...
an hour ago
Thank you One Dev I will try Forskolin. My Mother unfortunately is in the last stage of Alzheimers. There is no ...
an hour ago
Have a cheat day. I got stuck in the same 0.5 for around 2 weeks. Have a cheat or a peice of chocolate! (:
an hour ago
I try to always have an ice tea and cocktail napkin in my hands so I can't do a grab on the way by the food tr ...
an hour ago
5 million! No, I'm just going to keep doing 10000 a day, for the next 3 weeks till we go away for a few days. Even ...